Friday, 17 June 2016

The Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance| Life Insurance No Exam

The Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance| Life Insurance No Exam

Getting The Best No Medical Exam Term Insurance

The Old Term Life Insurance Vs The New No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits!

Term Life Insurance used to be used to pay off a mortgage, pay for a college education, and provide income for your family in the event of a premature death. But if you have a major accident or illness and outlive your traditional term insurance policy, you won't be paid anything. That is the way Term Life Insurance has been for years.


Unlike traditional term life insurance policies that only pay a death benefit, American National's term  life insurance policies pay thousands of dollars, up to 75% of the death benefit for a critical illnesslike a heart attack,stroke, cancer or 13 other illnesses, and do it all for no additional cost.  

How would you feel?

if you suffer an illness and get $0 because you bought a traditional term policy, when you could have been paid $50,000 to $200,000 if you had bought a policy with American National?

the likelihood is three times as great to suffer a critical illness than to die prematurely, wouldn't you rather have a policy that will help you while you're living too?

How important is it to have living benefits included in a life insurance policy?

Let's look at the statistics

Stroke: Every 40 seconds someone in the US has a stroke

Cancer: Every 30 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with cancer

Heart Attack: Every 44 seconds someone in the US suffers a heart attack

You can also lear more about statistics here:

The Best No Exam Term Life Insurance

If you buy a term insurance policy for $250,000 with living benefits and suffer a critical illness, you could receive a check up to $200,000. If you buy a $250,000 policy without living benefits and have a critical illness you get nothing. Both policies will pay $250,000 if you die, but only a policy with living benefits will pay you for a critical illness. And because we're three times more likely to suffer a critical illness than die prematurely, wouldn't it be prudent to buy a term life insurance policy that includes living benefits? If a person has a critical illness with a traditional term insurance policy and doesn't die before the term insurance period ends they get nothing when they could have received up to $200,000.

 $0 vs. $200,000
what do you want to get?


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