Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Play Lottery Online, Lotto Online Here

Play Lottery Online, Lotto Online Here

Play Lottery Online, Lotto Online



is a lottery online that

combines a load of big ideas that bring out the very best in playing lottery online – but

the most important by far is the concept that playing

lotto online is better when the experience is shared with other people. Here are just some of the many

game-changing advantages of playing lotto with your friends and social



riches Above and Beyond that

of the online English lottery

Part of

what we believe to be special

about LottoSpring is the fact that when someone in your team wins it makes it even better than

winning the English lottery, or UK NationalLottery prize (United_Kingdom),

because you win too! Lotto players

almost always give away some of their prize money to friends when they win, but with our social lotto

setup there's simply no need – when you win, your

friends have already struck it rich too. You won't just be buying in the celebratory

champagne for them – you'll be buying it for each


Share the fun of online lottery


online can be thrilling and

fun when you're playing alone, but this great game has never really been a

solitary activity. The

highest ranking ancient Romans held lotteries at their dinner parties (prizes took the form

of valuable gifts rather than money), and communities

around the world have always shared in the fun of big lottery draws. The advent of online

lottery a few years ago took away some of that traditional social element of

the game – but we've put it right back at the heart

of the experience.

Share the news and play lotto online

Who's the

first person you would

call if you won a major lotto online prize? A major part of the joy of a big

win is

sharing the news, and with LottoSpring, it's an in-built part of the experience. Imagine the excitement

of sharing in the news of a four, five, six or

seven figure jackpot prize with your team!


the news of your LottoSpring

wins is also a great way to invite new players to your team – when


friends on social media see you post about your latest big prize win, they'll see a glimpse of the power

of social lottery. And remember, the more players

you get on-board, the more prizes you're likely to win.

Playing the online lottery is fun!

Don't feel bad if the term social lotto sounds

unfamiliar to you – the whole online lottery

idea is brand new! LottoSpring allows you to play lotto online and is the world's first social

lottery, offering a completely fresh take on one of Planet Earth's most beloved

games. We pay out more prizemoney, we've shaken up


gameplay formula, and most importantly of all, we've turbocharged the social aspect that makes all

lotteries great.

About social lotto

A social

lotto is like syndicate

lottery gameplay on steroids – you play as part of a team and get a share of the money when any

teammate wins big, but the player who's responsible for the actual winning lotto

line wins the biggest prize. By offering the best chances and the most prizes to

the players who introduce the most new players for their team, LottoSpring

games inherently favour a social approach, and encourage sharing

Unlike a classic lotto syndicate, social lotto teams

evolve constantly. As more players are added week-by-week,

everyone's chances of winning go up and up.

Money, money, money


this social setup whilst

offering good prize incentives at the same time (i.e. high jackpots and


wins) has required a radically different approach to the way in which entry fees are used in

LottoSpring. Instead of keeping half the cash you spend on entry and wasting a large

proportion of it on advertising, we trust our players

to spread the word about what we do and give back an


80% or more of entry fees as prize money. There's no other lottery in the world quite like


Added incentives above and beyond the Irish Lottery

A social

lotto is even better than

the Irish lottery and can only grow if its players really love the game.


we offer a number of great incentives that ensure we've got this base covered:

We pay

out more prizemoney

You win

more often

You win

when your teammates win

There are

several ways to win every month


three friends and you can play for free, forever!










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